I’ve been thinking a lot about community lately. How do I impact my community as an artist? How does my community impact my art? One thing I love about living in the city is that it’s always evolving. It’s always changing, usually for the better. I’d like to think people evolve too. I’d like to think we continue to grow and become better… better fathers, better sons, better human beings.

This year has been nuts. COVID-19 has thrown everyone off the tracks. We are doing things we’ve never done before. We’re having multiple Zoom meetings every week. We’re wearing masks. We’re ordering groceries online. I do look forward to normalcy, but in the meantime I’m reveling in these new experiences. Being stuck in our home for the past few months has given me time to think about our city and network and how I need to expand my relationships in order to improve our community.

I’m scrapping my goals for this year and focusing on relationships. I want to build my personal and professional network. Growing my personal community is becoming my main objective as an artist. My relationships will drive my art. Recently I’ve started planning an event where a percentage of the proceeds will go to a local organization. An announcement will be coming soon. Stay tuned.