The third annual Artist Takeover was a huge success!

Thank you Fountain Square for hosting us.

Thank you to all the vendors and everyone who came out to support us.

We raised over $1000 for Indy Urban Acres.

We’re looking forward to next years Artist Takeover!

Artists and art organizations would not be able to exist without the support from our local community. When you think of some of the most culturally diverse and renowned cities on Earth, they all have at least one thing in common: Art. From local galleries to large-scale wall murals, a community full of art is a community full of culture. Research shows cities that celebrate art have more social and civic engagement and lower crime and poverty rates.

Arts organizations stimulate business and economic growth. Creative industries in the United States make up only around 4 percent of the nation’s businesses. The businesses and creators they employ play a vital role in building and sustaining a local economy. Each year, non-profit arts organizations inject an estimated $60 billion into our national economy. One of the most important aspects of art is its ability to turn any region into a tourist destination. Art should be accessible to everyone.

Let me know if you’re interested in hosting the next Artist Takeover!