JD Bills is an artist based in Indianapolis, IN. Known for his colorful and dynamic imagery, he has captured the imagination of adults and children alike with his murals, paintings, and illustrations. In addition to being available for residential and commercial murals, his work is available through Tuggles Gifts and Goods and Instagram @jdbills_studio

A graduate of both Ivy Tech and Herron School of Art & Design, JD is comfortable working in a wide variety of mediums. Since earning his BA in Visual Arts, he has had a prolific career, making countless works of original art and privately commissioned pieces. His works can be seen on murals around Indianapolis, as well as in galleries and outdoor art fairs.

Bills is known for his unique way of bringing cultures together in his images. Inspired by everything from contemporary comic books to ancient mythology and religion, he has developed a timeless style that manages to fit perfectly into the modern art landscape. Sometimes thought provoking, sometimes entertaining, his work provides inspiration.

JD works in a rooftop studio in his Downtown Indianapolis home. He is known to surround himself with resourceful and crafty individuals, drawing energy from the city’s vibrant art scene. Whether he is helping a brand find its identity, painting a personalized image, or decorating an entire city block, he is dedicated to using his art to make the world a more interesting place.